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Emile Henry - Round Bread Baker

Emile Henry - Round Bread Baker

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Our clever Homemade Bread Set has everything you need to make your own bread! Its refractory ceramic dome maintains just the right level of humidity during baking, thus recreating the conditions of a traditional baker’s oven. This is the secret to moist, chewy bread with a crisp, golden crust. 

Designed to make things easier for you, the dome can be flipped over and used as a bowl to prepare the dough and let it sit, while the baking tray is lined with ridges that prevent your bread from sticking. That means you can make all manner of recipes and shapes: sourdough boule, crown bread with seeds, rye loaf…

Our tip: our Homemade Bread Set resists temperature swings, so you can put it in the refrigerator for your dough’s first rise, resulting in an even denser, tastier crumb.

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