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MIYABI 4000 Santoku 180mm

MIYABI 4000 Santoku 180mm

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Those wishing to discover artisan knife craftsmanship with a century-old tradition, can’t go wrong with the MIYABI 4000FC knives. As with every MIYABI knife, this Santoku is also characterised by the perfect combination of beauty and sharpness. Translated, Santoku means “Knife with three virtues”, which refers to the three central areas of use: The cutting of meat, fish and vegetables is easy as child’s play, thanks to the 180-mm blade length that has been honed on both sides. The FRIODUR blade is manufactured of twofold, ice-hardened FC61 steel. As such, you have a knife of very great hardness and resilience, also when it subjected to great strain. The special steel’s great sharpness and edge holding ability are derived from the incredibly fine Katana-edge cut. Incidentally, this cut is also found with masterfully-manufactured Japanese swords. An elegant accent is provided by the mosaic pin that is found in the impregnated, dimensionally-stable Pakka wood handle. At the same time, it is also noted the MIYABI 4000FC handle and bolster are octagonally-formed. The reasons for this are not solely aesthetic in nature: With this form you also benefit from safe, comfortable handling and can work effortlessly. All MIYABI knives are “made in Japan”. For this, ZWILLING has its own manufacturing site in Seki. Here German engineering expertise from Solingen and finest East-Asian craftsmanship unite to knife masterpieces.

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