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Global Japanese Cooking Knives

Global Japanese Cooking Knives

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Global Knives had the ambition to meet the demanding requirements of professional chefs, so they revolutionized the way knives were manufactured. Using proprietary CROMOVA 18 steel, each Global knife has incredible edge retention and stain resistance. Global’s seamless, one-piece construction knives impacted the world enough to create a new genre of professional cutlery, known as “all stainless steel.”

With their distinctive look, Global knives are easily recognizable and a leading brand in the world of cutlery. Global knives were developed in the 1980s by the Japanese company Yoshikin Metal Co, Ltd. Founded in the 1950s, the company was known for their hollow-handled flatware, and they wanted to apply this technology to a purely stainless steel knife series. They partnered with Japanese industrial designer Yamada Komin, who had provided the company with award winning flatware designs. Yamada considered the user as he developed the Global line, giving each knife a handle designed to help the knife perform with maximum efficiency.

When Global knives debuted in Japan, there was moderate interest. Convinced they had an excellent product, Yoshikin marketed their cutlery to the European market where the clean, modern look was immediately appealing. Soon they were being used by top European chefs, which established the line's reputation. Since that time, Global knives have gone on to win numerous design awards and are appreciated by chefs and home cooks alike for how easy they are to handle and for keeping their edge.

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