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Glass Food Storage Box - Mepal

Glass Food Storage Box - Mepal

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The glass oven dish with lid EasyClip has a capacity of 1000 ml, 1500ml or 2250ml. Prep, store and serve that delicious casserole or your favourite pasta dish. Prep your meal for later. With one click the glass dish closes air and aromatight. Click, seal and store! Straight from your fridge or freezer in the oven or microwave, and enjoy! The dish is made from hardened glass and is suitable for the oven (without lid). The handy lid with steam vent may be used in the microwave. Just open the clip. Thanks to the design of this storage champion you will have a super sleek organisation in your fridge or freezer. And because of the transparant lid and dish you will see the content in one glance.

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