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MIYABI 5000MCD 6.5” Nakiri Knife Birch

MIYABI 5000MCD 6.5” Nakiri Knife Birch

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The handle is made from Masur birch to give each knife a unique wood-grain pattern. An end cap and subtly styled mosaic pin complete the knife's elegant look. The handle is D-shaped to give the knife perfect balance and control for effortless and precision cutting. The blade has beautiful Damask patterning and a hard core of MicroCarbide MC63 powder steel enclosed within 100 layers of two different steels. The CRYODUR blade is ice-hardened at -196 degrees Celsius to achieve a hardness rating of around 63 Rockwell that keeps the blade sharp and flexible. The blade also undergoes manual Honbazuke honing between two rotating stones to achieve its extreme sharpness, and is then polished using a leather wheel. Each Miyabi knife has both beauty and functionality. A nakiri knife is a Japanese-style knife used for chopping vegetables. Characterized by its straight blade edge and squared-off tips, the nakiri knife allows you to cut all the way through to the cutting board without having to use a horizontal push or pull. Thin and light in weight, the Nakiri knife is ideal for prepping all types of vegetables.

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