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Electric Salt and Pepper Mill

Electric Salt and Pepper Mill

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This spice mill efficiently grinds salt, pepper and other spices at the touch of a button. The ceramic is particularly hard, non-wearing and grinds spices to fully release their flavours. You decide how coarse or fine you want spices, by setting the grind size as you wish. Providing the necessary power is the spice mill's high-performance motor. This is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Thanks to its large charge it only needs to be plugged in again after frequent grinding. And because there are no batteries to change, you save money and protect the environment. Providing excellent usability are the window that goes all the way around, so you can always see how full the pepper mill is and when it needs refilling, as well as the built-in LED light that turns on when the salt and pepper grinder are in use to provide clear illumination in dark working environment and deep pots. The electric salt and pepper mill also has an incredibly attractive style making it pair perfectly with dinner parties

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